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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Art below, again, by Jymi Cliche. Jymi rocks.

Kind of like this house

My husband's cousin was visiting today. Frank, a sweet, well-meaning family man, who nonetheless tends to put his foot in his mouth. Which I'll get to in a minute. Let me tell you about Frank. He asks about our family, he even listens, but most of all he really likes to talk about himself and throw around jargon uniquely specific to his arcane interests as though we'd all understand. (Or maybe he really thinks we do understand?) Either way, I usually nod my head not bothering to ask the meaning of "kerf," for example. After all, it would only lead down the slippery slope of a topic which--interesting though it might be in brevity--would prove less sufferable in depth.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mini Mad Mom

I think in my mid 40's I'm finally realizing that micromanaging doesn't work. This has hit me in the head like a hammer since I started working for an explosive (but well-meaning) boss. More on that situation later, but just realize I keep seeing myself mirrored in her worse traits. Well, I'm on the same spectrum, let's say. I'm mini-mad woman.