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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My story about China

A year after Janet had been home, her little brother wrote this essay for school:

One day, I said to my mom, "I'm bored. I have no one to play with." Then my mom looked on the computer for children to adopt. We found a boy named T.R. We decided to adopt him. My mom came and my dad came, so did I. We stayed in China for two weeks. We went in a lot of hotels. In one hotel there was a buffet. About on the third day we got him. He liked girl stuff like princess stuff. It turned out that he was a girl. I was O.K. about that.

Anyway, when we were at one of the hotels, we played "jumping on the beds switch." That is when we each jump on different beds and say, "Jumping on the beds...switch!" When we say "switch" then we stop jumping on one bed and jump to the other bed and start jumping. That was a lot of fun. While we were in China, we always went to Chinese food places. When we finally got home, we showed her our LEGOs. That is my story about China.

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